Saturday, September 03, 2016

2016 F/W Fashion Forward

What a time, to be alive (you and yours versus me and mine)... clearly getting carried away, thanks Drake. But, what a time to be alive during fall/winter fashion that is absolutely marvellous. This years trends (that I admire and will follow) include velvet, baggy streetwear, combat boots, lace, and silk/satin. Below are some of the most-coveted runway styles along with clothing items that I would certainly add (or have already added) to my wardrobe. Of course a lot of runway items are $1000+, so taking the runway style I have added similar items in correspondence to them. Most styles are similar or somewhat similar. Hope you all enjoy your fall/winter, as much as I want this summer weather to remain! Posts include similar runway appearances (p.s. if you click on the photo it will direct you to the similar item).

I have been posting a lot more fashion inspiration on Pinterest lately. I never understood why people were so interested in posting on Pinterest but I think I understand why now. It just provides a visual pin-board depiction of my interests, especially style (rather than actually printing things out and putting them on the wall--so old school right? Lol.) Check out my Pinterest here.