Tuesday, August 02, 2016

OVO Fest 2016

The Summer Sixteen / OVO Fest 2016 aka the seventh annual OVO Fest (can't believe it's been 7 years, crazy!). This year there were two tour dates set for opening acts and Drake to perform in Toronto (two more in October), but the official OVO Fest was the second day: August 1, 2016 as declared by Drake. Funny enough, he trash-talked the whole evening with some smart remarks about how the audience was much better on the Monday show than the Sunday show (I literally lol'ed). Of course this was definitely another one for the books, yet again. Although there were a lot fewer performances than previous years (similar to last year), less is definitely more in this case. Rihanna and DVSN were the main highlight for me. Other spectacular set out performances include Baka, Roy Woods, Popcaan, Future, Drake, French Montana, and Kanye West. Overall, it was a fun-filled experience and great time as it should be! You can see my previous years posted here: OVO Fest 2013, OVO Fest 2014, and OVO Fest 2015. in which I posted pictures. This year I have decided to post a video compilation with all of the videos that I recorded on Snapchat—not A1 quality, but they are vivid! Enjoy!