Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Survival Sweaters

I have been enjoying wearing my winter jacket, well, not necessarily. But, there are some sweaters and shirts that I have accumulated over the past year which are usually my go-to's (by Alexander Wang to Etre Cecile). The sweaters shown above are all sweaters that I truly find useful. I do not think I have ever stated on my blog that I only share what I find useful--so I will state it now, rather than just throwing post after post (omitting from reputation, a lot of my favourites have been discussed in very early posts when I first started blogging). After contemplating for some time I finally decided to just get a KENZO sweater and it has been a survival apparel during the winter (do not get me started on the terrible sidewalk and road conditions that are immensely salted, but never actually shovelled/towed...). Anyways, why not purchase some more to welcome the winter and just enjoy it somehow. Overtime, I get tired of the same sweaters though, but what else is a fashion-forward shopping maniac to do when it is snowing outside?