Monday, June 01, 2015

Favourite (New and Old) Stores

Recently I have been trying to open up to different (and common) clothing stores. Below are a few that continue to bring me back to shop for more.

Mango: Mango is not available in Canada, but they do have an online shop. Also, my parents recently overseas and I immediately had to tell my mom to visit the Mango store there. Of course, I wish I had been there, but she gladly brought back a few clothing pieces. Mango clothing is affordable, but also has excellent quality.

Holt Renfrew: I think it is both a bad and good thing that Holt Renfrew is not near me. If it were near me I am sure I would visit it everyday and likely leave with at least one item. Often times, I think it is a hit or miss. I usually visit the one on Bloor Street in Toronto. Misses: they are always sold out of many sizes, thus there is not a large variation of clothing to choose from. Some of the sales associates are either very encouraged to help or do not want to help at all. Hits: Although often times there can be a limited amount of clothing and sizes in stock, they often have some in the back (just ask a sales associate). There is always a sale and most of the prices are adjusted appropriately. Now, all they need is an online store (seriously, the only clothing store that does not have one in the 21st century).

Aritzia: I commonly do not like to shop at Aritzia because a lot of their clothing is overpriced, especially considering that it is manufactured through labour in China. However, the quality over the past two years has improved (the quality and quantity factor). That is to say, the clothing can be worn numerous amount of times, but I will often second-guess myself.

Ssense: Canada-based (free returns and shipping) and the greatest selection in designers and sizes. That is all that needs to be written (less is more).