Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Summer Go-To's: Beauty

Here is a new segment, focusing on my summer go-to's... starting off with beauty.

1. Protection + Moisturizer:
- summer has arrived, SPF is a must (even all year-round, but mainly during the summer)
- we all know UV rays are harmful;
- protect that beautiful face (& summer bodaaaay) of yours! :)
- many moisturizers come with SPF
- but also many do not; opt for what is best for your skin and environment
Get 'em here: Kate SomervilleBosciaJosie MaranOrigins

2. Primer:
- essential to even out your skin completion

3. Foundation:
- it's hot, we do not want our face heavy, sliding and packed with foundation
- apply only one layer
- OR if you do not have too much to cover-up, settle for concealer
Additional information about products: Make Up ForeverGivenchyBobbi BrownSaint Laurent

4. Concealer:
- apply it, ONLY, where you NEED it
- if it's liquid; apply it with a concealer brush for a better blended finish
Conceal 'em, buy 'em: MACMarc Jacobs

5. Bronzer or Blush
- I prefer bronzer, especially with my skin tone:
Bronzer shopping: Make Up ForeverSephora

...skip the powder...

6. Finish Spray
- depending on your skin-type: matte (for oily), regular (for dry-normal)
Magical Mists for purchase here: Urban DecayMake Up Forever

**As before, ALL links for products are underneath the image(s), click to view any additional information as well**