Wednesday, May 21, 2014


We're talkin' Drizzzzzzzy Drake...
Well, not really, however I have been on a hiatus for far too long, and zeee blog has come back with a new style (and zest – a little blog-renovation). I will type: I will post every now and thenagain, every now and then.

I thought with the comeback, I would propose a new outlook on my blog...

ON WITH THE GOOD STUFF - the new website layout:

Before - my layout consisted of colour, which I liked (the zig-zagged background), reminded me of my favourite brand Missoni, continues to be one of my favourite designer brands (who knows, maybe I'll bring it back if I am feeling "colourful," in later times), however I wanted some change that reflected a "refreshment," with the ever so popular black-white duo.

After - the black and white, is straight to the point, some may call it "awesome," “great," "boring," "clear," etc. I call it: "whatever you want to call it," it does not matter: I like it and it is a go (if you are wondering; it is fully designed by me, as was the before layout).

All in all: I chose to keep the layout the same because it is simplistic and to the point, but changed the graphics because I liked the simplistic black-white duo.

Also, from now on many (not all) of my posts will be in point form, so we get the point, straight to the point, alright? Alright!

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