Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dorm Necessities 3 - Bath/Shower

You usually have to share a shower area with plenty of other students within your residence if you are living in the normal-type of residence & thus you will have to keep your bathing necessities within your dorm.

As mentioned in the other post, Dorm Necessities 1, keep your products in storage bins. Have each of them put in my sections, but if applicable, try fitting them all within one drawer.

What To Keep?:
Minimizing as much products as possible is a key when organizing your bath products. Try not keep too much, since space is very minimized when living in a dorm! Just keep one product of each item.
- shampoo
- conditioner
- body wash/soap
- 1 of any treatments (if used)
Try keeping your hair products such as a flat iron & blow dryer, etc. within the same drawer too!