Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dorm Necessities 1 - General Organization

A lot of people may be in attendance to college/university this fall for their first year & some may be staying in a dorm. Here are a few items that would be ideal & great to keep in your dorm room. Dorms aren't the largest, but they are enough to fit some of these items! This post is mainly about storage. Their will be a separate post on desk organization. Remember, organization is key. I may be doing more posts dorm-related, so if you're going into a dorm, be sure to be on the look out!
Hangers/Folded Clothes:
Most dorms provide a closet to put your clothes in. Folding your clothes will give you far more space then if you were to put all of your clothes into hangers. I recommend putting your most worn clothing pieces into hangers & folding the clothes that you wear "not as much."
Try to keep your shoes on the "low." If you visit your parents often, try switching shoes out instead of bringing all of your shoes (that is, if you have a large collection).
Makeup/Hair Products:
The classic drawer storages don't take up a huge amount of space so stuffing them with your makeup/hair & even your health goodies should be convenient. If you want the drawer storages more organized, get small little bins/sectionals & put them into each drawer so things are easier to access if you're in a hurry.