Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail

I'm sure plenty of people who downloaded this album don't know what the Magna Carta actually is, but I am one of those that do & thus, that like the title name, but this isn't about the title! It's about the music & album itself. Jay-Z said himself, this comes in 4th place in his album list (via. The Breakfast Club Interview), I think I would agree because although he has created some great music, the stories told aren't as capturing as his previous albums, but nothing stays the same & thus that creates new stories & new lyrics. What Jay-Z went through while making his previous albums created amazing music (lyrics), & the lyrics are still fairly good, as I care about lyrics more then the music sometimes. The overall product is good for what Jay-Z has become & his lifestyle in the present.
My Fav's:
-  Picasso Baby
- Tom Ford
- Somewhere In America
- Part II (On The Run) Ft. Beyoncé
- Jay-Z Blue