Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kate Somerville - Blemish Banisher Kit - Review

The "Blemish Banisher" kit includes four Kate Somerville products. 
From left to right: "Detox Daily Cleanser," "Exfolikate Acne Clearing Exfoliating Acne Treatment," "EradiKate," & "Oil Free Moisturizer."
At first when I began using this cleanser I though it was great, but as I started using it more it began to irritate my skin & my skin was becoming fussy towards it. Although the consistency is nice, I do not recommend this if you have sensitive skin or skin that is easily irritated!
This also made me skin a tad bit fussy, but not as much. This is good to use 1-2 times a week (as written on the back of it), but I think for sensitive skin, it's better to use once a week or once every two weeks.
EradiKate is somewhat worth it because it clears up blemishes within time, depending on your skin type. It can clear up some blemishes overnight & others it can take up to a week or more. The main con is it will dry out your skin. Less is more with this product.
I've been on the search for a good moisturizer & this one has definitely come to the rescue. The consistency is great — not too watery nor too thick & doesn't feel heavy/greasy on the face. Their's a tiny bit of a scent, but not anything overwhelming. I tend to go more towards "oil free" products, like this moisturizer. 
For all of these products, Kate Somerville has a range of options for your specific skin type & what you want to opt for.
The "Blemish Banisher" kit is great if you want to test out a little bit of the products, but don't want to spend a huge portion on the full-sized, as well as if you are new to Kate Somerville.