Thursday, February 07, 2013

Swizzy Sweaters

1. Forever 21 - Chunky Duo Toned. 2. Forever 21 - Colourblocked Sweater. 3. Willow & Clay - Fade.
4. Nanette Leopore - Popular. 5. Markus Lupfer - Lip Sequin. 6. Alexander Wang - Pullover.
Sweaters are by far one of the most versatile items incorporated into almost everyone's wardrobe. Whether it is an "ugly" knitted sweater or a "pretty" piece, it has it's time & place to be worn! Considering it is February.. I really don't know what to post on! This month has no events (besides Valentines Day.. posts related-to: coming soon) & it is suppose to be "winter?" So here's a post on some sweaters.. which I find "swizzy."
P.S. Don't ask me what "swizzy" means. I have no clue, I just went with it.... ;)