Thursday, February 28, 2013

Designer Items vs. Non-Designer Items

From a lovely anonymous, I got a question on Tumblr asking me "how do [I] maintain to buy[ing] designer items?" I thought this question was a great idea to dedicate towards a post.

Picture: J Brand - "Glory" JeansRag & Bone/JEAN - "Destroyed"Muubaa Jacket - "Vintage Red".
I honestly don't have very many designer items. My only designer items are mainly my jeans — being J Brand & Rag & Bone, (which I purchase over time). I also think it's great to have a well-paid jacket, for the winter & spring time because you will probably wear it often.
Picture: ASOS - "Diagonal Pleats"Forever 21 - "Nautical Striped" ShirtForever 21 - Colourblocked Top.
For tops I often just go for just simple ones over graphic (plain white tees, black, etc.), but as of lately I've really been in to prints, which you can purchase for between $20-$40. It definitely takes time to obtain a designer wardrobe especially if work hard for your clothing (& aren't a money-filled folk depending on your budget). Remember, designer isn't always better, but many designer items win quality over quantity. If anything, I personally think spending your money on designer items such as jeans, jackets or shoes is/are the best option(s).. & one classic designer bag will work for years & years. Tops, jewelry, etc. is usually great from affordable stores such as F21, H&M, Zara, ASOS, Lulu's & any other miscellaneous stores. It all depends on your style & taste. :)
Definitely check out discounted websites if you're looking for something designer, but wanting half or less then half of the price. (E.g. Rue La La, Hautelook, Beyond The Rack).
Keep in mind, this is just my opinion & how I differentiate & variate between my items designer verse non designer wise! It all depends on your style.