Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Essie - Fiji - Review

I am trying to cut back on purchasing new nail polishes, so I will be reviewing new, but nail polishes I've had for some time on these lacquer review posts. Fiji is my absolute all time favourite nail polish from Essie, well.. besides "Sand Tropez." The hue is just right.. not overly white, but with a VERY tiny hint of pink. Although, I must admit, this nail polish is not the most easiest to apply because it's consistency seems to be different compared to other Essie polishes. So preferably, getting it professionally manicured would be the way to go if you have a low tolerance of patience. You will definitely need 2-3 coats for an opaque finish. Minus the consistency, I still give this winner an overall 10 out of 10. Aaaamazing job, Essie!