Thursday, December 20, 2012


1. Diamond Supply Co. Mint. 2. Diamond Supply Co. Snow Pom.
3. NHL Mitchell & Ness Detroit Red Wings 4. NBA Mitchell & Ness Lakers. 5. Top Shop Sequin.
6. Missoni.
I'm one of those many little happy campers that likes to wear beanies, but ends up looking like a little kid again with my chubby cheeks.. plus, my hair is normally up in a ponytail which makes beanies look slightly awkward. I like having fun with beanies & going for more then just a "pretty designer" beanie/hat. Although not spoken about often, I love basketball & have loved it since forever, so why not have a beanie of a basketball team? I usually go for Toronto Raptors (Mitch & Ness), representing Toronto. I also go for fun beanies like my RockSmith one I got about 2 years ago. Others I like are DGK, Diamond Supply Co. Pretty wise: Missoni, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Top Shop, etc.
They also make for a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. *hint, hint* ;)