Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Miu Miu (400th Post)

Missoni to Marc Jacobs to Alexander McQueen & now Miu Miu! Miu Miu is one of my main favourite designers. Somethings about Miu Miu stands out versus other designers (they are very 70's like with the chunky shoes, suits, etc.). They have a unique outlook on each one of their designs — especially their shoes!

Miu Miu clutches/wallet/bags: they include both fun bright colours as well as dark colours into their clutches, all the way from pink to navy with their signature "Miu Miu" plated in gold (usually).

Miu Miu accessories: technology cases for iPhone's & laptops can all be found with Miu Miu!

Miu Miu clothing: I personally think Miu Miu's clothing is far more different versus todays "modern" designer looks. They are so much more lady-like & so suitable for women 40 & older (I definitely recommend them if you're that age). Who wouldn't want to see a women in her 40's in some fab Miu Miu?

Miu Miu shoes: probably my most personal favourite. I love the bling-ful add to all of their shoes. Whether is be jewels/rhinestones or glittered toes. You can never go wrong with some dazzle & some Dorthy-esque glitterness.

Miu Miu jewelry/sunglasses: more bling-bling (incorporated within their jewelry) oh & pearls too! once again a lot of their sunglasses seem very 70's-inspired & retro! I adore the gold detailing & shape of the frames.

Miu Miu has lovely colours & similar styles incorporated into their products — all fav's. I especially love how they include so much glimmer, glitz, bling-bling & Razzle Dazzle. ;)
P.S. if you happen to be a worker for Miu Miu reading this blog post, I highly suggest you guys start shipping to Canada!