Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kate Somerville - Sunscreen - Review

This Kate Somerville sunscreen is the best sunscreen which seems to protect my skin well from UV rays. It doesn't have much of scent to it, which is great because most sunscreen that has a scent often stings & irritates the skin. It has SPF 55 which is a lot of protection! I like the consistency of the sunscreen; it's not too watery nor too thick. If you're a makeup person this is a "serum sunscreen" so it's 2 in 1 step & can be worn under makeup. The pump is my only very tiny concern because it squirts out a bit too much then needed. Remember to wear sunscreen sun out or not, their are still UV rays gleaming through a rainy/cloudy day! Protect your skin & you'll be satisfied in the long run.