Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dazzling One Year Dreaamiversary Of Razzle Dazzle By RasDreaam

It has officially been a year since I've launched "Razzle Dazzle by RasDreaam." I've been posting each & every day since I launched my blog/website (this day last year, 2011) — which is a great accomplishment, I think, personally. But, sometimes it's not the easiest trying to get all of these posts up every day (not that I have the busiest schedule, but because of the balance & consistency wise of posts).
I'm cutting out some of the days versus, my old posting schedule & will no longer going to post every, single, day.
I should be posting during the weekdays: Wednesday's, Thursday's & Friday's.
Excluding weekends - no posts will be done on weekends (or holidays) unless I spontaneously decide I want to post something for my dreamers!
New segment: attires/ensembles/outfits! I've been wanting to post outfits since I started my blog/website, but I've never had the chance to purchase the correct camera. I should be purchasing one some time soon, so be on the look out for a just of my casual style.

Congratulations to myself for a year of blogging every single day & thank you to all of the dazzling dreamer viewers who visit!
Dream Big!