Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection Ft. Shmink's Rules

Sidenote: my nail polish collection has expanded quite a bit, since this picture was taken..
I recently decided that I needed to do a post on nail polish. I am truly fond of my nail polish & overly obsessed with having pwetty nails. People always tend to think I have a problem & I'm crazy (we all have fetishes though.. right?).  I've accumulated quite some nail polishes in my collection (pictured above) overtime, but it does not compare to some of other peoples enormous collections I've seen via. YouTube. As for the shape of my nails, I like to keep it simple, I normally like my nails regular square or slightly round shaped & with one solid colour. I get bored of the same colour on my nails fairly quick, so I often need a change of colour within 4 days. If I'm lazy, the longest a colour on my nails usually lasts approximately a week.

Here are "Shmink's Rules" via. Queen Shmink, that I agree with 100%:
"1. No nail polish is better than chipped polish (Chipped polish throws off your entire look)
2. Wear the colours you love (Feel like wearing neon pink during Winter? Who cares!)
3. Give your nails a breather (Important to occasionally give polish/chemicals a rest)"
My Top 5 Favourite Nail Polishes:
1. OPI - "Lucky Lucky Lavender"
2. Essie - "Fiji"
3. Essie - "Sand Tropez"
4. Deborah Lippmann - "Across The Universe"
5. OPI - Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?

I bought my rack at a local nail supply store in Toronto, thanks to Queen Shmink!