Thursday, July 12, 2012

Refreshing Hair For The Summer

We all want our hair to be nice & attainable during the summer. Unfortunately, with all of the humid & hot weather it's slightly complicated for us females with somewhat long hair, frizzy, curly, etc. to do so. I spend time trying to straighten my hair, but as soon as I walk out the door — poof! That's why I recommend keeping my hair up in a pony tail or at least trying to keep it natural. Essentials for your hair during the summer are all in this post! These products will keep your hair summer-weather craziness free. Below is some information on all of the products pictured above!
Moroccan Oil is one of my favourite products for my hair, during the summer. It tames any fly aways, along with some frizz & keeps it smooth. Strongly recommend a good oil! (Their are many alternatives out there if you can't find or want to try something cheaper besides Moroccan Oil). For more information on Moroccan Oil, click here!
2. Shampoo - Fav: Aveda Brilliant - Alternative: Tresemme Natural:
Make sure you use a good exfoliating shampoo during the summer! A new & sulphate free shampoo is essential for maintaining fresh hair during the summer.
3. Heat Products (Straighteners, especially):
As much as we all want straight hair during the summer, sometimes the weather gets to it & it's preposterous to do so! I have naturally thick, curly hair & it's fairly complicated to manage & as much as I want to stop using my straightener it magically ends up in my hand, stroking through my hair. I think using a curler is okay here & there in the summer if you want those defined curls. Going for curly hair is usually better if you have naturally frizzy/curly-like hair during the summer.
Hope this was helpful & useful! :)
What are your useful hair tips for the summer?