Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Frank Ocean - Channel Orange - Buy Now

Last night, the digital iTunes copy of Frank Ocean's anticipated album "Channel Orange" was released. The album overall, is remarkable. Definitely worth the listen — every single track & every single word said. The hard copy will be in stores on July 17th, be sure to support! Go to your nearest HMV, Best Buy, Future Shop, etc. wherever you buy your albums from & get one.. or two.. or even more then that, maybe even buy the entire displayed rack.
My Fav's (No Specific Order):
- Thinkin' Bout You.
- Sweet Life.
- Super Rich Kids Ft. Earl Sweatshirt.
- Lost.
- Monks.
- Bad Religion.
- Pink Matter Ft. Andre 3000.
- Forrest Gump.