Friday, July 06, 2012

My Favourite Bloggers (Pay Homage)

Below are some of my most viewed & my main go-to blogs I go to for dreaamspiration, outfits, DIY's, different fashion/beauty related information, or simply when I have nothing better to do. In no specific order.
When I first began looking into others blogs, this was the first. I automatically was astonished by the creativity, art & different DIY's done. I've tried out many of the DIY's & the best part is, they are very well instructed. Art is something I've always been into & the different art they post is oh-so eye catching.

I've been looking at Chiara Fergangi's blog for quite some time now. The luxury items incorporated in her posts inspire me so much. It's wonderful how far she has gotten & built herself from her blog. I also like how she posts practically every single day!

Outfits ranging from simplistic to dressy is what Jessica Stein's blog is all about. Her simple outfits are great for days you want to dress down and her dressy outfits are great inspiration for a going-out type of day. You'll also always see her wearing heels in her posts.

Some of my fav outfit posts are usually by, Julie Sarinana, her outfits aren't always too girly, nor too non-girly. They variate & they always seem different in my perspective.

Some of my favourite outfit combinations are by Annabelle Fleur. I think her outfits are always so well put together whether they're simply jeans & sweater or dressy. & Her nails are always looking like perfection!

After High Gloss was released, then ended after two (2) issues. I got more into Paloma Contreras blog, she has so many different interior design aspects & themes she posts that I cannot resist! A great blog if you're into decorating/interior designing.
Another blog I've been looking at for a while now! Aimee Song is not only a fashion blogger, but also a almost like female-construction worker. Her outfits are always feminine, yet "constructed."
Courtne Smith is one of my fav's & someone I get inspiriation from often. The Missoni & nail polish are the two ideal things I think of her blog. Her outfits are always so well coordinated with her nail polish. Totally Shminktastic!
Unfortunately, Vanessa Hong doesn't post as often as most bloggers do. But all of the posts she has done are so settle. I've noticed her outfits are very simple, rockstar-like & often black/white.
All black everything, high-waisted shorts & red lips, when it comes to Kenza Zouiten. Her outfits are often very similar, but a fav.

Leave some suggestions of your favourite blogs, below?!