Thursday, July 05, 2012

Alexander McQueen (300th Post)

Alexander McQueen one of the most amazing designer's to live. His designs have always been one of my fav's, so I thought why not dedicate the outrageous, yet wonderful McQueen clothing, accessories towards my 300th post. Alexander McQueen, McQ Alexander McQueen, both amazing.

Alexander McQueen clutches/bags: often earthy toned or completely bright. They aren't one of those "must-have" bags for everyone, but definitely unique to have one anyways. Their clutches are one of my fav's, they are so bright, fun-like & also have a signature skull on it & something every designer-fanatic would want in their closet.

Alexander McQueen accessories/scarfs: one of my the most popular & my fav's out of the Alexander McQueen collections. I adore their scarfs with their signature skulls printed on them.

Alexander McQueen clothing - women: most of Alexander McQueen's clothing reminds me of something that would be in an outrageous music video, because their collection does consist of some over-the-top pieces. But they do also have some regular-degular type of clothing pieces within their collections! I especially like their jackets.

Alexander McQueen clothing - men: their men clothes has to be some of the most gentlemen generic type of clothes, considering they are high end. Who wouldn't want a man in some Alexander McQueen clothing.

Alexander McQueen jewelry: I absolutely can't get enough of Alexander McQueen jewelry. Their skull ring is my top favourite out of their entire collection. It's a jewelry piece, I would wear constantly.

Alexander McQueen shoes: rockstar type. Most of their shoes used to have a unique arch. Now, most their shoes today have the signature skull on it.. can never get enough of the skull!

Overall, I think you've got the point. I adore Alexander McQueen & of all the lovely creations. Enough adoreness to simply dedicate a post specifically for Alexander McQueen. R.I.P. the amazing man himself. Keep up the great work Alexander McQueen team! By the way if any one of you Alexander McQueen workers are reading this post, you're website should start shipping to Canada. :) Regards.