Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Decor & Decorations

1. Couture - August 1968:
This Couture magazine cover would look divine in the my room.. or at least I think so. It's also an August issue aka the month of my birthday!
2. Mirage - Tray:
This would look fab with some nice perfume bottles (or maybe even some nail polish bottles). So pwetty.
3. Missoni Pillow (similar - decent design):
This would probably catch my attention every time I walk in the room it's placed in. It's so dazzling!
4. Ricci - Canisters:
These mirrored canisters are definitely a weakness (or any mirrored decor), these are great to put in miscellaneous items or even extra change.
5. Maison Martin Margiela By L'atelier D'exercices - Feather Pen:
Who wouldn't think you're in an old school modern movie while writing with this pen, or maybe feel more so sophisticated?..
6. Jonathon Adler - Greek Key Rug:
This would look great in my room (since it's red) & it's the perfect size.. maybe a tad bit larger one would look nice too.