Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Blazers For Males

1. Balmain - Black Smoking. 2. Marc By Marc Jacobs - Fuchsia Harvey Twill.
3. Givenchy - Birds Of Paradise. 4. Richard James - Slim-Fit Linen. 5. ASOS - Slim-Fit .
6. Forever 21 - Pinstripe.
Males & blazers, are a great combo. Blazers give a great definition to a males body frame. Thanks to male blazers, their's also female blazers. There's many types of blazers out there to look for, obviously for most males it depends on their taste of style. Some may like blazers, other may not. Also, males, when searching for your 'perfect' blazer don't be afraid to wear colour (in an appropriate way)!..
Blazers For Females.. coming soon! **UPDATE: Check out Blazers For Femaleshere!**
Male viewers, do you wear colourful blazers?