Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Workout Wear/Gear

1. Shorts - Nike - Core Knit/Nike - Core 2.5:
I usually wear men's shorts over female shorts & it's always been that way since I was really young (I used to be a tom boy too.. that must explain it). I think men's shorts are so much easier & much more comfortable to workout in, but I wear female shorts sometimes as well.
2. Sweatpants - Adidas - Firebird:
During the winter I sometimes wear some sweatpants while working out as well.
3. Tank Top/Sports Bra - Nike - Sleeveless Tank Top/Nike - Adjustable:
For that sweat.. once again..
4. Sneakers - Nike - Shox She Monster:
I wear any sneakers, whether they're supposed to be workout ones or not. I wear whatever, as long as I can run in them!
5. Gears - LifeGear Weights/Dumbbells, Body Rev - Pull Up/Push Ups, Nike - Jump Rope (Similar):
When I workout my workouts usually consist of things that a to tone the body (then vice versa). I usually do regular cardio routines (abdominal, legs), chins ups, push ups, jump rope, weights, etc. I own a treadmill as well, but I feel treadmills are simply for a good health, in general, but they don't tend to tone your body what so ever.
I am not a gym expert, but these are just things I wear/do.
I work out here.. & there.... I should work out more often then I do, but I don't. Working out involves nice clothes, right?.. I usually wear whatever I have on the certain day since I'm coincidently in casual wear on the days I do decide to work out.... but to the point on most other days I have my main go-to workout wear/gear.