Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring/Summer Maxi Skirts

1. Forever 21 - Sheer. 2. Lulu's - Purple Mountains Majesty Colourblock Slit.
3. Sparkle & Fade - Chiffon. 4. Loveappella - Tribal Print Flare. 5. Helmut Lang - Kinetic Side Slit.
6. Tibi - Arizona Print Pleated.
Some 'short' people can rock maxi skirts, but I've seen mainly tall people wear them. I think anyone should be able to rock them, you just need find the right 'one' and correct way to wear it on your body frame. I personally don't care whether it's short/tall, as long as you can make them look fab, it doesn't matter! Above are some I came over that will be breezy to wear during spring/summer!