Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring/Summer Blouses

1. Forever 21 - Sheer Polka Dot. 2. Forever 21 - Bow Tie Chiffon. 3. ASOS - Lace Bib Sleeveless.
4. Top Shop - Slit Back Chiffon. 5. H&M - Printed. 6. Alloy - Amber. 7. Helmut Lang - Contrast Sleeve-Silk. 8. Equipment - Signature Printed Silk Chiffon. 9. J. Crew - Blythe.
Blouses seem to very popular this spring/summer. I've been spotting them everywhere (literally) as of lately with spring arising! I've been spotting them with a huge selection consisting of prints, bright colours, sheer, lace, etc. They variate from sleeves to long sleeve as well. I definitely need to pick up some as I tweeted a while ago, I especially want one by J. Crew.
Also, be on the lookout for many, many posts on spring/summer, as they have already begun!
Are you ready to rock some blouses this spring/summer or nah?