Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sneakers For Females

1. Converse All Star - White. 2. Converse Premium - Black Sequin. 3. Air Jordan 1 - Vivd Blue.
4. Air Jordan 4 - Retro - Pink. 5. Air Jordan 5 - Pink/Grey. 6. Converse - Missoni.
I've done a "Sneakers For Males" post, but I think it's time I do one for females as well! Personally, I like wearing sneakers more then anything else (e.g. the obvious: sandals, heels, etc.). Above are some that I like. I wouldn't mind purchasing Converse by Missoni, but it'd be much better if they came out with low tops, because Converse high tops are a no-go on me. I've started to wear my white Converse more often, because they go great with almost about everything, in the summer!
Do you wear sneakers, if so which kind (brand & style)?