Monday, May 21, 2012

Recent Purchase - BE&D Sneakers

I am a definite sneaker fanatic. Like I have mentioned before, I would much rather wear sneakers, then flats/flip-flops/heels, etc. I've always felt like almost every where I go, the most appropriate decision is to wear sneakers, but don't get me wrong I do wear sandals/heels to events & during the spring/summer.. occasionally. Some people even wear heels to class (big no, no, unless you can walk in them or it is a priority — in my opinion). A few weeks ago, I picked up these interesting sneakers by BE&D! They have a pink heel printed on them! They had other colours, in: black, turquoise, gold & a few others. I was going to purchase the black ones, but I felt like I can purchase black/white sneakers anywhere (e.g. Converse), where as the pink adds a bit of a colour block on a pair of shoes, instead of the regular clothes/accessories with colour block.
The pink is a fluorescent pink which equates to a double thumbs up!
What are your favourite type shoes you wear (brand & type — e.g. Steve Madden & sandals)?