Thursday, May 10, 2012

Headbands Craze

1. Goody (similar). 2. Goody - Doublewear. 3. Forever 21 - Vibrant Knotted. 4. Missoni - Blue Zig Zag.
5. Missoni - Crochet Knit. 6. Eugenia Kim - Silk Turban.
Headbands are probably one of my most worn accessories. Headbands are definitely versatile & can be worn anywhere, with anything at any occasion. Some headbands are girly with a lot of details, others are a simple colour. I personally, wear headbands non stop, especially due to the fact that I don't want my bangs in my face! I usually wear sports headbands, or when I'm feeling a bit more frisky I wear a Missoni headband. I thought I'd share a selected few of my fav's to share with you guys!
What is your most worn accessory?