Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Essie - Bachelorette Bash - Review

Definitely a great investment, within the nail polishes I've purchased from Essie. I bought "Exotic Liras" a long, long time ago by Essie thinking it was a colour like this one (in which it was not). I have been on the search for a decent magenta-like colour, but in a pink version & this nail polish has come to the rescue. I've seen this nail polish multiple times when I go to purchase some other nail polishes, but for some odd reason, the name "Bachelorette Bash" threw me off every time. The consistency of this nail polish is lovely & it seemed to apply better to my nails then other Essie nail polishes I own. Only 1-2 coats are needed with this dark pink nail polish! Another 10 out of 10. The colour is fab. Overall, never judge a nail polish by it's name! Great job, Essie.