Monday, April 23, 2012

Top Few Foundations

I'm not the biggest fan of foundation because I feel like I'm putting on a sticky mask on my face – I'd rather just have my flaws show then cover them & feel uncomfortable, however these are a few foundations I've come across that aren't too bad (both drugstore & department). Cons & pros included.
1. Revlon Photo Ready:
I tried this about 2 years ago & I adored at the time I purchased it (after a few wears it doesn't have as great of a consistency). It made my complexion bright, but a bit too bright (disco ball), because it does have a lot of glittery sheen in it (NOT oily sheen). I recommend it if you're going to be taking photos or if you like having an extra sheen to your face & don't want to spend extra money! Recommend it for prom!
2. Maybelline Superstay:
This foundation is by far my favourite foundation out of the drugstore market that I've purchased. It goes on nice & smooth. It's one of those foundations that looks somewhat natural. Like most foundations I've purchased this does seem to fade it's consistency - doesn't go on as good, but a spritz of water will make it better. Definitely recommend if you like foundation & wear it often, but don't want to over spend.
3. Laura Mercier Silk Creme:
Absolutely amazing. I haven't tried very many department store foundations, because I don't feel like it's necessary. But, Laura Mercier was a must that I had to try. It gives a divine complexion & seriously makes your face look like you have no makeup on (well.. maybe a little, but not really — if that makes any sense). Recommend it if you're looking for a well worth it foundation!
4. Makeup Forever HD:
Decent one. I think this a department version of Revlon's Photo Ready foundation, except this doesn't as much sheen to it. People constantly rave about it, but I'm not sure if it's exactly that much to rave about, but it is a decent foundation.