Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring/Summer Dresses

1. Lulu's - Middle Earth Green. 2. Nasty Gal - Moondance. 3. Forever 21 - High-Low Ruffle.
4. Forever 21 - Buttoned High-Low. 5. Young Fabolous & Broke - Hamptons Double Ombre Maxi.
6. Twelfth St. By Cythnia Vincent - Embroidered Cascade.
I don't wear dresses that often, or at all, but this year they've been fairly catching my eye. The most eye catching are maxi dresses, which are known to look best on tall people, but I am not tall at all, although, I do think their are some short people who can make maxi dresses work well with their body frame. Another type of dress is the high-low hem dress which have also been very common within skirts, shirts, etc. this year around. The main material in dresses I have been seeing are sheer as well. Not sure if I'll actually begin wearing some dresses for a change this spring/summer, but I am looking into to it.