Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small Spree

Thought I'd share some very small recent purchases!..
I've been eyeing these headbands/necklaces for a while & finally decided to purchase these as soon as I spotted them the other day. I like them more as a headband, but I like the idea of the necklace especially if you're on-the-go & need to attend a special after work.
I've been on the search for a decent fuschia lipstick & I have been searching at Sephora for YSL's "Le Fuschia" lipstick, but unfortunately they did not have that specific one. Personally, I think Maybelline is one of the drugstore brands with lipsticks that have fairly good consistency. I decided to dupe for this one. It's a simple pink-fuschia.
I don't think any explanation is needed!
I needed some new nail files, so I decided to purchase these. Nothing too interesting, just simple nail files! (Although I don't care for funky designs on nail files these are somewhat creative).
What have been your recent purchases been (can be anything)?
Enjoy your day everyone!