Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moroccan Oil - Review

Best purchase ever. Well.. within the hair products I've purchased. Moroccan Oil should be every girls hair-life saver. I've never heard any negative comments towards Moroccan Oil from anyone who has tried their products. My favourite is the Moroccan Oil "Oil Treatment" for all hair types. All you have to do is apply a very small amount on your hair, after washing it while it's wet & voila! The recommended amount of this product is a "piece-size" amount, but since I have fairly thick hair, I use a tiny bit more. I sometimes apply a very, very small amount (otherwise it will make your hair overly greasy – we don't want that!) on my hair after I'm done styling it, because even on dry hair it makes you hair soft & shiny.
Have you tried Moroccan Oil products? What is your favourite? Would really like to know!