Monday, March 26, 2012

Marc Jacobs (200th Post)

Marc Jacobs & Marc by Marc Jacobs is by far one of my favourite designers, as Missoni is. Since Missoni (one of my favourite designers as well) was my 100th post. I decided to make Marc Jacobs my 200th post. Marc Jacobs has been in the fashion industry for a while now, but has expanded a lot as the years go by. I am glad to say (or type) that my first official designer bag is by Marc Jacobs along with many Marc by Marc Jacobs. I went for Marc Jacobs because he always has the most simplistic/effortless, yet amazing designs. Marc by Marc Jacobs is a little less expensive then the regular Marc Jacobs (versus other designers as well).

Marc Jacobs bags: like I already mentioned simplistic/effortless looks, yet amazing.

Marc Jacobs tech accessories: Marc by Marc Jacobs provides technology accessories as well for your iPhone, laptop, etc. I adore my iPhone case, great purchase (I have this one, here).

Marc Jacobs clothing: Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Standard, all have unique clothing from basic to graphic.

Marc Jacobs jewelry: Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, has fun colours incorporated in their jewelry & a lot of rose gold too – especially their rings & bracelets!

Marc Jacobs shoes: shoes.. one word.. dazzling, one of the cutest ones I've spotted are their "mouse flats" they have in different colours, as well as glittered ones.

Marc Jacobs accessories: sunglasses to watches – all amazing, once again.

Marc Jacobs is another one of my favourite high-end designers out there. Most designs don't seem to upset, which of course, is great, yet tiring for my wallet. So I thought that I'd dedicate my 200th post towards them. The items chosen above are both favourites & random!