Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Belt Bonkers

1. Gorjana. 2. B-Low. 3. Diane Von Furstenburg (DVF). 4. Cut25. 5. ASOS Lilac. 6. ASOS Metallic. 7. Forever 21. 8. Top Shop.
Lately I've been looking for belts (out of the blue). I was looking over online shops & decided to look over some belts. Belts, personally never used to be something I enjoyed wearing, they always have had the tendency to aggravate me while I'm wearing them & along with  that, my biggest pet peeve is when I purchase a belt & it doesn't have enough holes. Now, I've come to the point where they don't aggravate me as much (like I mentioned, minus the small amount of holes punched – get it together belt designers/creators!) I've come to realize the actual point besides just "wearing a belt." I like having a variation when it comes to belts, but I can never find the "correct" belts, they're always either too bulky or too skinny. When it comes to belts for me, I'm very picky (more then I am with other things). So here it is.. a specific post on belts.... above are a few belts that I have been really liking & may actually be worth it!
What is your favourite belt you own? Would enjoy knowing!