Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunglasses/Shades For Males

1. Burberry - Aviator. 2. Ray Ban - 'Classic Clubmaster.' 3. A|X Armani Exchange - Metal Aviator. 4. Ray Ban - 'Folding Wayfarer.' 5. Oakley - Dispatch. 6. Burberry - Folding.
Yesterday I posted "Sunglasses/Shades For Females" & today, I decided to post one for males! Most male sunglasses seemed to appear the same with the designs & colour combinations. I decided to incorporate only six (6) different sunglasses that I have seen most males wear. I asked my brother his favourite & he said his favourite were his Oakley 'custom' sunglasses & I also asked my Dad & his are are Ray Ban 'aviators.' So above I also incorporated one pair of Oakley sunglasses & two different Ray Ban sunglasses.
Are you a male, what are you favourite pair of sunglasses?