Thursday, February 09, 2012

Males Guide To Smelling 'Good'

Most males, like to smell good, depending upon age. I suppose, most male's who like smelling good also usually have a favourite scent as females do. So I decided to incorporate a post specfically on males "guide" to smelling good. This post is more-so towards the top male favourites that I have smelt, but also some males might like these. Not every male will like each of the products listed, but these are just suggestions. If you're a male & you do want to smell good (or try out some new products) the first step to that great smell is to simply go out to the drugstore/department store as you wish & test out different fragrances & who knows.... on your search you may find your favourite. Remember males, most females are suckers for those whom smell good.
The formula above is simple, so feel free to try it out gentlemen! I even got some input from my brother his favourite cologne's are his Giorgio Armani (set of 3) & his Hugo Boss.
Are you a male? Tell me your favourite cologne, body wash, etc. below!