Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holst + Lee Jewelry

1. Short Colourblock Necklace. 2. Long Colourblock Bracelet. 3. Double Tiered Necklace. 4. Single Strand Bracelet - Electric Zebra 2. 5. Single Strand Bracelet - Sunburst. 6. Four Strand Bracelet.
I've been looking over Holst + Lee jewelry for the past few days & I must say, their jewelry is very different (in a good way) compared to your ordinary gold, silver, etc. jewelry. The first thing that I liked about Holst + Lee jewelry was the difference of using fabrics to make jewelry versus the use of gold, silver, etc. The Holst + Lee jewelry also has very bright, fun colours which I adore, because summer is right around the corner, which means colour blocking, but not only with clothing, it'll also be contributed through fabric jewelry, all thanks to Holst + Lee. I often don't see this kind of jewelry (besides in downtown Toronto & New York, especially thick fabric jewelry), so it's very nice to see something different. It reminds me of tribal prints; most likely because of the colours & thickness of the necklaces & bracelets. I definitely need a piece of their jewelry as soon as possible, especially before spring/summer come around!
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