Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Gucci - Envy Me

Gucci - Envy Me.
Gucci's "Envy Me" is a perfume I bought in full size, I smelt this fragrance & realized it smelt great immediately. Although I like this perfume, I don't use it often due to the fact that I don't like finishing perfumes. I like the smell of this perfume, but I've come to realize, it could be better. Considering it's price, it does have a long lasting scent. I don't have much to explain about this perfume. It contains my favourite scents as well: sandlewood, jasmine, peony, musk(s). Overall, I think it's a reasonable perfume & good for here & there wear. By the way, if you're curious.. it does make people "Envy You." You're probably wondering "seriously?" Yes, seriously.. try it for yourself..