Friday, January 27, 2012

Seventeen - Ultimate Guide To Style

Everyone has their own style (for the most part), so I wouldn't recommend doing as this book says. Do what you feel is comfortable & something you would truly enjoy wearing, not what the book says. If you small parts of what this book has to offer, incorporate those styles into your own style. This book shows you many different style from hip to bohemian. It has different celebrities incorporated into it (I don't think it's always necessary to copy a celebrity, especially within your fashion). Seventeen's book goes through many styles contributing towards what most teens wear these days. I don't agree with all of the styles, because not all the styles fit me as an individual, but some of them are something I would consider wearing. I think this book shows too much of certain specific categorized styles, instead of different ones, which I don't agree with. Everyone has there own style, simply, go for what you like – or if you want a challenge, change it up a bit. What are your thoughts on Seventeen's "Ultimate Guide to Style" (if you've read it). Leave comments below!
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