Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Matchy, Matchy - Belt & Bag Matching?!

1. Bottega Veneta Clutch. 2. Bottega Veneta Belt. 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag. 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Belt. 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag. 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Belt. 7. Burberry Bag. 8. Burberry Belt. 9. Miu Miu Clutch. 10. Miu Miu Belt. 11. Alexander McQueen Bag. 12. Alexander McQueen Belt.
I was looking over Net-A-Porter's "matching" section they recently posted. Many of the items they posted matched very well so I couldn't help, but do a post on these. I'm not always the hugest fan of matching, I sometimes like to just have a very unmatchy-matchy outfit. But sometimes when I do match, I match. Like, match, match. If you understand what I mean.. I guess you could say, having your bag match your belt is somewhat "fancy." Other then having your shoes match your shirt, instead you have your accessories of bags & belts matching together.