Monday, January 30, 2012

Lauren Conrad - Style

"Style" is very well done book by Lauren Conrad. I enjoyed reading parts of it. It gives you plenty of advice on closet essentials – which is my favourite category within this book. I think just because Lauren Conrad would do it, doesn't mean everyone has to do what she has written even though she has an amazing taste towards style. "Style" by Lauren Conrad should be something anyone with style or no style takes an inspiration towards. I don't think it's necessary to do everything as written. Let's be realistic here, we all have different styles as individuals as Lauren does. Lauren Conrad picks out many of the main points towards style in this book from having the right "Little Black Dress" to "The Essential Jeans," that everyone should own a pair of. Lauren Conrad also picks out her ideas of makeup, which shows this book doesn't strictly talk about style. The makeup looks are definitely the ones you would see her wear & I think they are very settle & greatly shown. Due to Lauren Conrad being in fashion related things most of her time, I think she is one of those true fashionista's who has great advice towards "style." Overall the book "Style" by Lauren Conrad is definitely something I would recommend for you to read, if you want some inspiration. This is a BILLION times BETTER, then even looking at the Kardashian's book (don't bother with their books). Lauren Conrad gives true "style" in this book. Remember to always go for what you like to wear though, not others. If you like what someone else is wearing feed off of it, don't copy it. Have you read this book by Lauren Conrad? Leave a comment below!
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