Friday, December 09, 2011

What's New? - Missoni Madness - 2

Counter clock wise: Missoni Pants - $770, Missoni Orange Sweater - $1,095 , Missoni Green Cardigan - $920, Missoni Gown - $2,125 , Missoni Orange Dress - $1,160 , Missoni Blue Dress - $965 , Missoni Skirt - $1,485.
Everything & anything by Missoni always grabs my attention. It's just.. something about their geometric patterns they associate with their designs that get me. I'm also obsessed with all of the different colours they use in each of there designs whether it's clothes, accessories, home, etc. Whatever the case may be, Missoni will never upset me (then again maybe they will or could). This week Net-A-Porter had a range of new Missoni clothing in their "what's new" column. I picked out my fav's (aka practically all of them).