Thursday, December 15, 2011

Missoni Madness (100th Post)

Missoni is one of my favourite high-end brands out there & I love each & everyone of there designs. So I thought that I'd dedicate my 100th post towards them! I thought I'd post some random, but favourite items from them. Dazzling post, hope you enjoy!

Missoni clothing: I haven't had the chance to buy any Missoni clothing (since it is worth a fortune), but I have seen & felt some. They knitting is so well done, so I totally understand why it's worth a fortune & towards the pricey side. Their rompers are one of my favourite things through out their clothing, because they always have such brilliant colours & zig zags!

Missoni jewelry: So swell! It's so different from most designer jewelry because they incorporate knitted items. 

Missoni headbands: are another favourite of mine, although they are $100 for one headband, I think it's worth it, because those headbands will last forever & the colours are sparkling & gorgeous!

Missoni scarves: I adore Missoni scarfs, they are perfect for the winter. Most are made out of wool which keeps me cozy in the winter (although haven't really had much of a winter this year!)

Missoni hats/gloves: Missoni hats/gloves are a great essential to have in your closet (even just one), it jazz's up an outfit on a winter day. Their hats/gloves are so cozy, much like there scarfs.

(P.S. Missoni, if you're reading this.. which I'm sure you're not, because all you Missoni designers are busy working on new projects, but just in case MAKE AN OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE THAT SHIPS WORLDWIDE! Us, Missoni feen's would appreciate it).