Saturday, December 31, 2011

Khleo Thomas - Slick Living

Khleo Thomas is known as "Zero from Holes," as well as an actor, but he has now furthered his talent into rapping. Khleo Thomas is an upcoming rapper, whom you.. yes you.. should listen to. Most rap about the money & the fame. Khleo Thomas raps about his team, family, his previous relationships & foremost reality. Mr. Thomas differs from the stero-typical rapper: no tattoos, does not drink or smoke. Although, he does have an obsession with the energy drink, Monster. Instead of partying, he communicates with his fans aka Team Khleo. Khleo keeps in contact with his fans through Twitter, as well as Ustream. Ustream is one of his most common things he does to keep in contact, where he also gives Team Khleo some insiders, sneak peeks & exclusive news, so don't miss out! On Twitter he is "Mr. Worldwide Trending Topic," Team Khleo brings it & are always ready to get whichever topic he wants #1 on Twitter (unless of course Twitter is selfish & reluctantly removes it). Follow him on Twitter @Khleo_T, he may even follow you back.. that is if you're willing to join Team Khleo. Now for his music?.. Amaze. His first single was "Lights Out" & he has released many, many, songs & videos before & after that. Videos of Khleo's range from Floyd MayweatherHalloweenExtraordinary FiguresLostBurn It DownIn My SoulI Got Me, I'm StillLike I Never LeftSlick (one of his most recents) & many more. From "My World Is A Cartoon" to "The Next Episode" to "Slick Living." Khleo's first mixtape was "My World Is A Cartoon" which was tremendous & well-rated with over 100,000 downloads (numbers don't lie). His second mixtapes "The Next Episode" has great songs on it, of course. Last, but not least "Slick Living" is a small free album he released recently, it evolves around the title itself, which has also been well-rated. I'm sure Khleo is currently working on many new projects, until then keep it slick.
My fav's:
The World Is A Cartoon:
- The World Is A Cartoon
- Purple Yellow Mango
- Toot It & Boot It (Remix)
- Who I Am
The Next Episode:
- Mayweather
- Burn It Down
- Her
- S.I.N.G.L.E.
Slick Living:
- Slick
- So Fly
Other music (non-mixtape related):
- Life Goes On
- King
- Dat's What's Up
- Lights Out
- Marvin's Room (Remix/Exclusive - Related towards a dream of his)
- I Got Me
- In My Soul
- Juicy
....Yes, I like a lot of his music. He is truly, underrated.
"Not many believed Khle could do this, I did it for myself, not for you or to prove it." - Khleo, "In My Soul."
"Said I couldn't do it, put my heart into it." - Khleo.
For more information visit Khleo's website here.