Thursday, November 10, 2011

Michael Kors & iPhone Users

I came across this Michael by Michael Kors wallet while I was looking at Apple's "Holiday Gift Guide." It's about that time of year again where I create a gigantic wish list & only end up getting about 2-4 items off the wish list unfortunately, but I guess it's always better then nothing! Anyways besides my wish list issues, how handy dandy is this wallet?.. It seems to be specifically made for an iPhone. Perfect for any iPhone user (as I am). Indeed, I think any iPhone user should invest in this wallet. It's also good just to put your cards, miscellaneous things in, etc. instead of carrying an extra wallet & it's great if you're on-the-go & you don't want to be running around with your iPhone in your hand or pocket all day. Great job, Michael Kors. (P.S. It has a removable strap).
Available for purchase on the Apple store for only $89.95.