Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elizabeth Arden - 8 Hour Cream - Product Rave

It's about that time of year again where we have dry skin & we need to restock up on our favourite moisturizers! Last year, I had dry hands & I needed a well-curing product asap. I've used Elizabeth Arden's products before, but it was only perfumes. Last year I opted for Elizabeth Arden's "8 Hour Cream." This cream is a dream. Seriously! It works so well for my hands & they are never dry ever since. The cream is also good for your cuticles & puts them in check. I use it usually at night right before I go to bed because when I put hand creams on during the day they annoy me so much because I'm always trying to write & my hands tend to slip. Although hand creams annoy me during the day, Elizabeth Arden's "8 Hour Cream" is the first to not do that. I am able to also wear this cream during the day. Not only can you put this cream on your hands, you can put it on any other dry areas. This product comes such a long way because you only need to use a very, tiny, small, amount. To sum it all up Elizabeth Arden "8 Hour Cream," overall.... AMAZE! Definitely worth the money & I'm sure you'll be impressed by it if you have any dry areas.
Elizabeth Arden - 8 Hour Cream - Available for $17.00 - (different sizes available as well).