Friday, November 04, 2011


Dannijo is a jewelry line created by two sisters by the name of Dannie & Jodie Snyder. The jewelry line was founded in 2008. The name was interoperated from both of the sisters name Dann from Dannie's & Jo from Jodie's, I like the name so much! I absolutely adore all of there jewelry, it's handmade which definitely shows in each jewelry piece from bracelets to rings, they even create handbags & iPhone cases! The jewelry is so elegant & fierce all at the same time!
Here are some of my favourites listed below:
*I do not own any of the photos above, but I did edit them into one.
As you might've noticed.. I like a lot of their bracelets!
From left to right, (top row): Coco Rings: $245, Irina Bracelet: $445, Molli Bracelet: $445, Tamsin Bracelet: $645.
From left to right, (bottom row): Sparo Bracelet: $645, Tey Bracelet$295 $178, Mica Necklace: $680, Naomi Necklace: $195.
Prices & currencies may vary.